Best Home Coffee Roaster Reviews: A guide to the best coffee roaster machine


More than being sheer art in itself, coffee-roasting is a way to safeguard the quintessential flavors of your precious brew.

And obviously, not all processes of roasting, be it manual or with roasters, could provide you with just the perfect flavors every time.

Pre-roasted coffee undeniably tastes great and cuts down on the tedious job of roasting manually at home. But sadly, even the best pre-roasted coffee eventually loses most of its flavors and aromas within a couple of weeks!

Yes, it’s like trying to stop time, and it is indeed unfair when you spend your hard-earned buck on expensive coffee grounds that taste like sadness when you sip on it!

But, “times, they are a-changin'” and so are the ways of preserving these fleeting moments of caffeinated happiness!

Hello world, I’m Rokas! And I’m a happy owner of a sweet coffee shop of my own!

And, today I’m on a mission to tell you all about the best home coffee roasters, so that you could chose the best coffee roaster machine, that will ensure the perfect blend of taste and texture, preserving them for more extended periods of time!

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Best Home Coffee Roasters to Check Out

1. FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

Hailed as one of the quietest coffee bean roasters ever, the FreshRoast SR500 can roast up to 90 grams (4 scoops) and roast it does, to perfection!

It provides great visibility to ascertain the color and includes an efficient cooling cycle to bring the process to a conclusion.

Why buy this product?

This roaster comes equipped with a variable fan-speed setting and three different temperatures adjustments to provide you approximately 90 grams of excellent, evenly roasted beans. It uses swiftly spinning hot air to roast the beans.

The high-fan setting spins the beans more rapidly than other air roasters. It makes the air get in between the beans easily, facilitating a more even roast.

The manual stirring allows you to stir the beans with a spoon by hand, without disturbing the roast. But, do remember to put on an oven mitt as the air is going to be super hot!

The machine also comes with a separate cooling cycle, a chaff tray, a fan dial, and a heat control dial: all of which help you to adjust the temperature for the process and also cool the beans down to avoid flavor degeneration.

I like how compact the machine is and yet provides all of the essential features required for a fabulous roast.

The only thing I wish it did was to deliver a tad bit more in quantity, as 90 grams of coffee just yields about 78 grams in total, post-roast. And, that is just 5 cups of coffee which means you’d have to roast a lot for greater batches.


  • Provides fantastic even roasted beans
  • Features both high fan setting and manual stirring
  • Includes both cooling and chaff collecting apertures.


  • Doesn’t produce sufficient quantity for storage

2. Green Coffee Beans Home Coffee Roaster

This particular coffee roasting machine comes with an AC power input voltage of 220 Volts that can roast around 130-170 grams of green coffee beans to various degrees which you can manage by simply controlling a timer on the unit. It produces a marvelous taste by giving the beans a consistent roast all over and locking the favor up in its beautiful texture!

Why buy this product?

One of the things that I really liked about this product is that it provides a classic taste by bringing about even inflation in each bean so that crushing and extracting the flavors from them becomes considerably easier.

This roaster also provides you with the benefit of automatic husk separation even while roasting with heat circulation! This delivers only fresh and clean beans out of the unit, cutting off the tedious task of manually separating the husks and other impurities, right out of the scene!

Even though the unit doesn’t have an auto shut-off button on it, it does consume a lot less than what other electrical coffee roasters generally take up. However, you’ll require a transformer for 220VAC to 110VAC conversion, if you have a local AC power supply of AC100-120V going on.

This coffee roaster has an amazingly durable construction, including the glistening stainless steel roasting chamber that gets the process of heat circulation going as soon as you start it up. It’s essentially shock-proof and chip resistant. Even cleaning it is no big deal as long as you don’t dunk it in water: simply take a clean, dry cloth and clean the unit out.


  • Exceedingly durable built
  • Roasts by even heat circulation
  • Takes up less energy than most roasters.
  • A foreign-certified (UL, VDE, EMC, CE) product.


  • Can be an expensive buy

3. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Manual Coffee Bean Roaster

I have seen but a few objects that spell “classic old-school” as perfectly as this ceramic hand coffee bean roaster does! The Nuvo Eco Handy Ceramic Roaster has a “waffle-like” interior design with a rear hole and leather-bound handle. I can guarantee you that it is the best manual coffee roaster you have seen.

Since ceramic is a known thermal insulator, the structure achieves even roasting for your coffee beans without burning them and preserving an excellent taste overall!

Why buy this product?

I personally think that the look and feel of this product are enough reasons to get it, but, fortunately for us all, it does deliver way more than that!

The Nuvo Eco is made entirely out of pure ceramic having a cowhide grip on the handle. It is designed to achieve superior even roasts for coffee beans within a considerably short span of time

The roasting is further facilitated by a grid-design on the inside and also at its base that heats up the entire structure uniformly. As the first crack approaches, you’d be able to listen to those delectable popping sounds through the rear-hole on the product.

However, don’t expect it to deliver a lot in quantity as it could go up to a maximum of 70 grams, which could only be suitable for single or double serves.

I would also suggest you wear a pair of gloves while using this product as it will get really hot during the roasting process, and make sure you don’t get too close to the fire while doing it.

Cleaning this one is just a breeze: take a piece of cloth and wipe it all away! All-in-all, if not as functional as the other ones on this list, it’s still a great collectors’ item that does its job reasonably well!


  • Pretty ergonomic and compact design
  • Looks and feels great to use
  • Roast fairly even and well
  • Quite affordable


  • Wouldn’t produce for many people
  • Doesn’t separate the husk

4. Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

The Hario Retro feels almost like a blast from the past harboring the retro feel in form and design! With a heat-resistant glass body, roasting your favorite beans is not only going to be a pleasurable experience but also a pure visual delight with this roaster!

Why buy this product?

This roaster is purely a manual one that emphasizes the brilliant experience and skills of patiently roasting coffee beans over a cheerful flame. It can capacitate a maximum quantity of 50 grams of green beans which will provide enough coffee for single or double serves.

The unit is entirely “hand-cranked” and is an excellent device for all who want to learn how to manually roast coffee beans. Roasting in this is a good way to learn how to identify the cracks and textures on the beans, and since it is an entirely transparent unit, observing the process of slow-turn roasting is literally going to be a wonderful and considerably relaxing activity.

The device is significantly tough with a heat resistant glass enclosure (although do not drop it to check that out) and a sturdy steel frame construction with a lasting, chip-resistant finish.

Cleaning it is also quite easy and doesn’t require much of an effort to be put into maintaining it.


  • Looks and feels really nice to work up
  • Provides a great learning process for amateurs and beginners
  • Roasts fairly well if worked with patience


  • Not as functional for the kind of price it demands

Buyers’ Guide for Best Coffee Roaster Machine

Now, I bring you a buyers’ guide listing all that I think will efficiently help you get the best coffee roaster machine for home purposes. And also to help you understand what would suit your requirements better.

  1. Drum or air roasting?

Commercial roasters come with coffee roasting “drums” that spin while the heating coils and flames roast the beans up. It turns and tumbles the beans achieving an even roast on all of them.

Whereas hot air roasters spin the beans with hot air instead of turning them. This air is so hot that it actually roasts the beans evenly.

While drums are usually preferred for bigger commercial houses due to their consistency, air roasting is a lot faster and cheaper process.

  1. Electric vs. Stovetop

While whipping out the traditional stovetop or hand-held roaster could give you all the joy of roasting your beans the way you want it, there can be a chance of ending up with an uneven roast or even at times of a potential bean-burn scenario! This is because traditional roasters will lack temperature settings and other vital apertures to get you the kind of roast you want.

Electric roasters, on the other hand, are usually a lot more precise with heat adjustments so that you face no complications while roasting at all. Yet, the only downside to electric roasters is that they can be expensive, to begin with, and will definitely break at some point in time.

  1. Additional featuresVaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „additional features“

If you’re really enthusiastic about getting a hi-tech, sophisticated coffee roaster that claims big and delivers on performance too, that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, temperature settings or energy-efficient attributes could really be useful in that respect.

But, more features could also cost you a lot of money.

However, since the marketplace: virtual and physical alike, are coming up with latest innovations at equally incredible prices by the day, there is so much more hope for getting some unbelievably good deals!

So, fancy machine or no, with a bit of patience and information you too could land up with a great roaster and a delicious cup at a fantastic price!

  1. Quantity

If you’re one who enjoys frequent coffee sprees or has to make coffee for several people at once, then definitely go for something with a higher capacity. A measure of approximately ½ to 1 pound should be just right for such purposes.

However, if you’re looking to get something that would be ideal for single-serves or lesser than 3-4 cups on an average or if you like roasting coffee as a hobby, then you can easily opt for smaller roasters or traditional ones for the purpose.

Knowing what you actually need could help you save a lot of money on a roaster since, more often than not, we tend to pay for useless flashy features than paying for the quality of the product.

  1. Size

Do consider the size of your roaster before you decide to spend money on anything that might seem like just the perfect one for you. If you do not have enough space on your kitchen counter-top, it will be only wise to go for something that has a compact and smaller structure.

Also, if you mean to travel with your roaster, then it’s best not to buy something cumbersome and heavy. Select something that will be lightweight and portable to move around.


So this was all about what I consider to be some of the best home coffee roaster machines that deliver as brilliantly and efficiently in performance as they do in quality.

And I sincerely hope that I was able to provide you with any useful insight into the subject so that you end up with nothing but the best deal out there!

Will be back with more caffeine love on my next read.

Till next time!

But remember: All good conversations start with coffee!

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