Keurig k425 Vs. Keurig k475 Review: Which is the Winner?


More than being the ultimate morning elixir, coffee is a true healer of the soul.

And us followers, understand its immense potential to prevent Monday blues from catching up with your spirit.

And heaven’s forbid if somebody had to land up with bad coffee while being summoned by the boss…we could only hope for things to not go downhill from there.

So, for everybody who understands the risks of depending solely on instant coffee, brewing machines for homes and offices could breathe a new life into your morning cup.

One of the most trusted in the field is the range of coffee makers from the house of Keurig that tops in style and performance than most other heavy-duty coffee machines.

And two models that have been winning all hearts since their launch are the k425 and k475 from the brand, acclaimed for their perfection.

But, are these claims really validated?

Hey there! I’m Rokas, and I’ve been on a roll solving coffee issues for the world since I opened my own coffee shop!

And today, I’ve brought a mega-smasher of a review: the Keurig k425 Vs. The k475!

Which one wins? Let’s find out!

Keurig k425 Vs. Keurig k475 review: Which one should you pick?

Keurig k425 Review

The Keurig 2.0 k425 is an incredibly sophisticated and brilliant single-serving coffee machine that makes the perfect cup in less than a minute!

The standout features for this model are that it:

  • Comes with a 70 oz. water reservoir
  • Features strength and temperature control settings
  • Features a 2.4” Color Touch Display
  • Delivers up to 11 different brew sizes

What did I like about this product?

The k425 is a premium single-serving coffee maker that allows you to brew up to 8 cups of coffee before having to refill.

Some of the things that I really liked about this product could be summed up in the following slots:

1. Performance

For a compact unit like this one right here, it really works tremendously well to give you amazing coffee. It comes with an efficient control setting that gets you bolder brews in a matter of seconds. The five temperature settings allow you to fine-tune your blend just the way you want it to be.

The digital timer on the control touch panel ensures you get nothing but the freshest brew whenever you start it up. Moreover, you can also program this coffee maker to turn on or off automatically at set times, to save on the electricity bills.

It dispenses hot water at just a turn of the brewer handle. The drip-tray makes for a mess-free brewing adventure, serving a brilliant cup of coffee without the least bit of hassle.

2. Durability

The coffee machine, like all the other ones from Keurig, is immensely durable and performs as efficiently as any other heavy-duty coffee-machine out there.

It is made using only the best materials that ensure the unit doesn’t fall apart or splinter under heavy impacts.

The finish on the device doesn’t only look good, it protects the device from the chipping or getting all scratched up.

3. Design and quality

The machine is designed to deliver only the best in terms of quality. It is hugely functional with all that you would require to make your job easier.

It can be easily cleaned as the entire unit could be taken apart. You could easily take the drip tray and reservoir apart and clean the inside of the unit with a soft cloth.

The unit is well-secured and doesn’t let any water to percolate within the system.

4. Uniqueness

I want to make clear in this keurig k425 review that it is definitely unique in its own way, providing sufficient value for money. One of the things that I totally dig about this system is its user-friendly approach. Although it may look complicated, you need not break a sweat about maneuvering the moves with this one!

You can get up to 11 brews with this device with just the touch of a button. So, be it mild, strong, decaf or flavored, you could get it all done perfectly within just under a minute.

What didn’t I like about the product?

The thing that I am not satisfied with when it comes to this Keurig model is that it only works with the Keurig Brand Packs. It can get increasingly difficult to work this thing with other brands of coffee. But, despite such a scenario, it delivers only the perfect taste, so it does become quite a puzzling situation when you want to opt it.

One other issue I noticed with this model is that it might be a tad bit difficult to fix the parts onto the main unit. If it doesn’t go on well at first go, and you might end up with ground coffee in your mug, which is neither cool nor palatable.

Keurig k475 Review

The Keurig k475 is a marvelous unit in the latest coffee maker range from the brand. It is one of the most popular single servers from the range that can give you up to 8 cups of delicious brew before it has to be refilled!

The key features of this model are that it:

  • Comes with a water filter handle plus 2 extra filters to go with
  • Large 70 oz. water reservoir takes care of your brew amount
  • Features strength control setting along with 5 temperature levels.
  • Large touch screen control with auto turn off/on conserves electricity.

What did I like about the product?

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „Keurig k475“

The k475 is one of the most sophisticated self-servicing coffee-making devices from Keurig’s line-up. And more than being stylish, it cuts on your energy bills to a large extent.

Some of the things that I hands-down liked about the model could be summed up in the following slots:

1. Durability

Like all other models from the brand, the k475 is built using premium grade materials for lasting durability. The surface coating contributes enormously for easily cleaning up the entire unit. It is shock and chip resistant, ideal for regular workplace hustle.

You can also be rest assured that neither the finish nor polish will ever depart from the surface even if this thing gets scratched to bits!

2. Performance

In this Keurig k475 review we want to point out that it performs exceptionally well than most other professional-grade, sturdy multi-serving coffee-machines used for commercial purposes. Similar to the k425, this model too, comes with a 70 oz. water reservoir which ensures a minimum of 6-8 cups before having to refill the compartment.

With 5 levels of temperature setting, you could get your coffee done whichever way you want. The device will provide you nothing but the finest, evenly textured flavors for mild, strong, flavored or decaf coffee at every go.

The digital clock on the control panel ensures only fresh brews for you each time. And, the programmable automatic on/off cuts down on the electricity bills to a great extent.

Like all Keurig models, this one too dispenses hot water at a turn of the handle.

3. Design and Quality

I totally loved the design, built-quality and entire look and feel of this model. With a glistening metallic finish, it looks every bit the glamorous equipment you might want to have in your kitchen that dispenses your favorite beverage.

It comes with a water filter handle and two extra filters that makes the brewing process considerably easier.

It is an exceedingly customizable coffee maker offering a high-quality service in both home and office spaces alike, ensuring great flavors in every sip!

4. Uniqueness

The uniqueness of this device lies in its capacity to produce the only the finest, even flavors in every cup you have off it. Unlike, most other coffee machines that may sustain corrosion or scale-damage due to frequent use of hot water, the Keurig k475 runs a pretty long course before showing signs of any such issue even in the slightest bit.

The model comes loaded with features, yet provides you with immense ease of use and a user-friendly approach to the system.

What didn’t I like about it?

Like every other model, this too comes with its fair share of flaws. One of the issues that I did face with this is that the water can overflow, going into the system if you go overboard with the quantity. It can show pressure problems while discharging the liquid into the mug if there is an imbalance of ingredients in the main unit.

I wish it would’ve come with a descaling procedure or solution to make the job a tad bit easier that way.

Also, this product is not for the ones who like their coffee to be piping or scalding hot. The temperature can be cranked up to the warmest, but it won’t be this hot. So, unfortunately, this could be an issue for some.

However, the highly functional overall design of this scores over these few minor things which could be easily done away with, making it still one of the very best in the league!

Keurig k425 Vs. Keurig k475: the comparison!

So, now the question remains: which one out of the two is better?

Since I can only speak for myself and my experiences using both of these products, it is in no way implied that one is inferior to the other.

However, when it comes to picking a favorite out of the two, I’m going to go with the Keurig k475, which I think scores quite a few points over the k425.

Let’s find out where it tops the charts over its contender!

1. Overall Design

Although there’s no stark difference between how the two models are made to look, the difference lies in how they fare in quality and functionality. Whereas the k425, may at times falter under the pressure of frequent use, I did find the k475 to be a bit more heavy-duty and resilient in this department.

It holds up well under frequent demands and executes well unless somebody decides to flood the system and declare war over the others.

2. The Taste test

Although both are single-servers, one of the essential differences between the two machines is that one brews selectively while the other is friendly to your common coffee grounds.

You can go for the k425 if you like really good Keurig coffee (in fact there’s nothing to hate about it at all). It works brilliantly well with Keurig Brand Packs, K-pods and K-Carafes, providing absolutely delectable flavors to the cup.

However, it doesn’t work with your regular brands and grounds, which is just sad.

On the other hand, the Keurig k475 works amazingly well with regular coffee grounds. This is surprising, given the fact that a model from the same lineup as the other one would work so fine in this regard.

Be it Macchiato, Americano or a classic Espresso, this will give you just the perfect balance and concentration in every sip.

3. Additional features and accessories

Both models include fantastic features which are intricate, yet, surprisingly user-friendly at the same time! Unlike, other brands which pile on a number of buttons that we can really do without, Keurig coffee-makers aim to simplify the process of brewing, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

However, the k475 does come with a few additional features such as a filter handle plus 2 water filters and a larger reservoir unit with easy descaling facilities. These make it a very versatile unit that delivers on what it claims.


So, keeping the features for both in mind, I would personally take the Keurig k475 to be my best mate as it works better for me than the k425.

But my personal selection is in no way an attempt to undermine the capabilities of the other model. If you want to go for a sleeker and more casual design, you could easily go for the k425, especially when you get more or less all the basic features for this that you get in the k475.

Yet, whatever you choose for yourself should serve the purpose it’s meant to fulfill as well as your budget. Or if you’d want to look for more options, check out our Keurig k55 vs Keurig k50 review here.

I hope I was able to provide an insight into what could work best for you and sincerely wish you enjoyed this read as much as I did writing!

Remember, Coffee is but the heart and soul of life’s poetry! Do not write it bad!

Till next time!

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