Keurig K200 vs Keurig K250 Review


If you are a coffee drinker and like to brew your own coffee, you might have probably heard about Keurig’s coffee makers. This brand specializes in single serve coffee machines which can be used for home or commercial uses. It offers one of the easiest way to brew a delicious cup of coffee. The best part about these coffee makers is that some of the models brew the coffee in less than a minute and cost a fraction of what other espresso machines cost. There are plenty of Keurig coffee machines to choose from, depending on your requirements and budget. We have below the Keurig K200 review alongside the Keurig K250 review. We hope this can help you select the best machine for your coffee needs.

Keurig K200 Review

One of the most popular models in the Keurig brewing systems is the Keurig K200 from their Plus series. It features the 2.0 Keurig brewing technology which is designed for brewing the K-Carafe pods or the K-Cup through which you can choose the various types of coffees which you prefer to brew. It is one of the smallest coffee makers in size and because of this, it is the ideal choice for workshops, offices and dorm rooms. Moreover, it is also quite slim, and so you will hardly even notice it on your kitchen counter! It is however, capable of brewing everything from the regular Keurig cup of coffee to hot chocolate to tea.

Key features

It has excellent features along with a large two inches touch screen display through which you can select the type and the size of your brew. There is also an option for increasing the strength of your beverage, with the settings. The water reservoir on this machine is removable, which means not only the cleaning is easy, but this also makes the refills convenient. It can easily hold around 4 oz. of water which means continuous fill up would not be required and approximately four to five cups of coffee can be brewed from a single fill-up.
It is also equipped with smart functionality, which means it notifies when the water level in the reservoir has gone to low, and the machine will not be able to brew even a single full cup. This helps to prevent the unit from going dry, which is a safety feature and aids in protecting the device for years to come. Furthermore, the unit is straightforward and easy to use – once you unbox it, you just have to plug it in, and it is ready to use.
• It has a reusable pod for eco-friendly use
• It is affordable
• The size is compact and light
• It is easy to use
• It takes a long time to brew
• The special carafe is needed to use the carafe brew feature
• There is no auto shut off option
• It is only compatible with Keurig 2.0 pods


This Keurig K200 coffee maker is the best choice for college students, or if you are looking for something robust, compact for your home coffee brewing needs, then this is the right coffee maker for you. Overall, it is an excellent investment as a coffee machine when you do not want to spend too much, and the device is exclusively for you.

Keurig K250 Review

The Keurig K250 has a colorful and sleek look and is a part of the Keurig 2.0 series. It was designed to address the problems which were associated with earlier Keurig models. It is entirely customizable and has a variety of beautiful colors, brew strengths, and cup sizes. It is however only compatible with the Keurig 2.9 coffee pods. The size is compact and space saving, which is ideal for small spaces, dorms, offices, and workshops. The water reservoir is not very big which is quite noticeable.

Key Features

It comes in eight different colors which also includes the traditional black. Even though this unit is a single cup brewing machine, it is however still compatible with the K carafe line which means you can make a single cup of coffee, or brew for the whole family. Moreover, it also allows you to choose different strengths of your coffee however you like. You can brew a strong cup of coffee for yourself, while the next person can brew a mild one.
The size and design of these machines are also quite elegant. The compact and slim size makes it easy to fit anywhere on your countertop.
• It has a sleek design
• The size is slim
• It can brew ten different sizes
• It has the option of high altitude setting
• There is a strength control setting
• Color options
• The internal water tank cannot be emptied
• There is no auto shut off feature
• The water reservoir is small


The Keurig K250 is a great choice to buy if you are looking for a slim, yet stylish design of a coffee maker for your place that can fit in narrow spaces. It brews delicious coffee like a regular Keurig machine but also brings color and life to your kitchen. The best part about it is that you can choose your strength of coffee and can brew a single cup or even a whole carafe of coffee.

Keurig K200 vs. Keurig K250 – What sets them apart?

Keurig K250 was introduced in the market after the Keurig K200, which means it will be an upgraded version of the previous model. There are however not many changes or obvious differences which are seen. They are in fact quite identical to one another, and it feels only the name and packaging has been changed. As per the manufacturers, the aesthetics of the Keurig K250 have been improved as it has a charcoal filter and a descaling solution as well as four sample K cup pods. Moreover, there are also color options available in the Keurig K250. When it comes to the taste, both the coffee machines have the same great Keurig brewed coffee taste. So the bottom line is, if you do not already have a Keurig coffee machine then it is an excellent choice to invest in a Keurig K250, which is the updated version. But if you already have the Keurig K200, then there is no point in paying the additional high price to buy a similar model.

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