Keurig k200 review – The Pros, Cons And Verdict


Coffee maybe the world’s favorite stimulant and a complete spirit-lifter down to its very essence.

But did you know that coffee has an immense potential of protecting your system against nasty illnesses such as depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

So, next time you pick that mug up to your lips, take a moment to smile down at your favorite beverage that does way more than just start conversations!

Bad brews, on the other hand, can completely wreck your system, interfering with your anatomical clockwork. And this happens when you rely too much on instant coffee.

But let me tell you that for the perfect mug of your favorite brew, one need not look elsewhere if they’ve got the ideal coffee-maker by their side!

Hey, I’m Rokas, and today is a special day in my sweet little coffee shop!

Because today, I’m on a mission to tell the world about my experience with one of the most popular coffee makers that’s out there right now- the Keurig k200!

So, keep on reading this Keurig k200 review.

Key Features

The Keurig k200 is one single-serving machine that performs exceptionally well when it comes to getting stronger brews, owing to is strength-control setting.

Some of the other key features of this device that I really liked are that it:

  • Comes with a standard 40 ounces water reservoir
  • Includes 9 brew sizes that include carafe sizes as well
  • Features a sophisticated and efficient strength control setting
  • Has a user-friendly monochromatic touch display and control panel
  • Pretty compact in size and travel-friendly

What do I like about this product?

The k200 is undeniably one of the most heavy-duty single-servers from the house of Keurig. This makes the perfect cup with a consistent balance of flavor down to the very last cup before requiring for you to refill.

I have discussed the main aspects of this coffee-maker that I liked the most for you at length in the following slots. Have a look!

  1. Performance

One of the things that I really admire about the Keurig k200 is that it can perform really well under pressure of frequent use. It includes a standard 40 oz water reservoir that would make approximately 3-4 cups before you have to run for a refill.

This really saves a lot of time for all those are run on a hectic and tight schedule with their morning coffee. It also includes 9 brew sizes as well as the standard carafe measure.

The k200 makes use of premium grade filters to ensure superior flavor extraction in each cup, balancing out the consistency of taste to texture evenly for that perfect sip.

Apart from making your favorite decafs or milk coffee, this model works incredibly well while creating stronger brews, thanks to the strength control setting. You can make coffee just the way you like it using this feature without having to rely on external factors or even make do with bad coffee, for that matter.

2.Product design and built-quality

The k200 has got an immensely functional design. It is made to deliver even under pressing and stressful circumstances that require instant performance and dispensing. The unit has a monochromatic, black and white layout that compliments any kitchen decor beautifully (although you do get other color variations for this model as well).

The maker features a hi-tech, yet pretty maneuverable control panel and display that keeps you updated on the temperature of your brews.

One of the things that I personally like about the k200 is that it solves the issue of my traveling with a coffee maker. This maker is very compact in size; it’s considerably lightweight and portable and can be carried easily on travels.

  1. Durability

The Keurig k200, like all other coffee-maker models from the brand, is constructed using premium and food-grade materials. This makes it exceedingly durable and resistant to sudden impacts. Well, don’t know about you but I can vouch for myself to be a pretty clumsy person at times.

And this coming from me, you can be rest assured that this product won’t easily break even if you accidentally dropped it on the counter.

Keurig really goes the entire length to ensure a lasting and formidable finish on each of its product, which makes them shockproof and chip resistant. It also makes the cleaning job immensely easy, maintaining the hygiene of the overall unit.

  1. Price

The price on this device is pretty awesome too as it will fit the budget for most. Nothing flashy about this machine. It is quite simple and does provide you with all the standard and necessary features for making a fabulous cup of coffee.

The brand has really cut down on unnecessary features and accentuated the main ones to bring you a cost-efficient solution for all your coffee woes.

  1. Uniqueness

The Keurig k200 is definitely unique in its user-friendly approach cutting out on all of the complications. Yet, at the same time, it performs really well to give you your favorite Macchiatos, decafs and extra string espressos in matter of minutes.

I really appreciate this splendid feature that sits brilliantly within the price to performance ratio.

What don’t I like?

And like every other thing in this ever-changing world (sorry got a bit poetic there), the Keurig k200 comes with its fair share of flaws. One of the issues that I noticed with this device is that it does not work with regular coffee grounds and can only process with pods from its own brand.

Also, the device doesn’t come with any descaling facilities and requires for you to do that manually by taking the apertures apart.

Only sometimes could you end up with coffee grounds in your mug if you use it for too long at a single stretch. As that could then create a pressure imbalance.

However, in my opinion, the maker does fulfill well on most of its claims, and that is a fantastic for the price it comes at. You can also alternatively check out my Keurig k250 review, which is almost as good as this product and is available slightly cheaper.

Final words

This is all I got to say in this Keurig k200 review. I really hope that I was able to provide you with all the insights into the workings of the machine.

I’ll shortly be back with more caffeine love for you.

And remember: coffee is always our 2 AM friend.

Till next time..!


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