Keurig k15 Review: Make your coffee on the go!


The art of making the perfect pot or cup of coffee is not only ancient but has had a history of obsessively being perfected over the numerous decades of mankind.

Why the obsession, you ask?

Because, my friend, there are but a few things in life that a steaming cup of coffee can’t solve. From hookups to breakups, coffee has seen it all, silently calming the mind and making life bearable!

But what when you end up with bad coffee on a Monday morning, or on any other day, for that matter? Trust me, it could potentially bring the Hulk out in anybody!

So, if you’re looking to avoid some serious workplace drama by having that perfect cup of self-made coffee, you’re in excellent luck today.

Hello there! I’m Rokas, and I do own a sweet little coffee shop and understand this world’s coffee dilemmas!

And, today I’m reviewing one of the hot-shots in the arena of coffee-machines: the Keurig k15! Apart from being highly reviewed, it has also been a greatly sought after product. Why? Let’s find out in this Keurig k15 review!

The Key Features of Keurig k15

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Single cup water reservoir
  • Energy efficient with automatic shut-offs after each brew.
  • Removable drip tray
  • Easily dispenses hot water with just a turn of the handle

What do I like about the product?

The Keurig k15 is a single serving coffee-maker that looks brilliant, provides all the ease of usability that you need and most importantly, makes amazing coffee anywhere!

Let’s talk about what I really think makes this coffee-maker stand apart from most other single-serving coffee-machines.

  1. Performance

The k15, although lightweight and compact, performs like most heavy-duty, multi-serving coffee machines out there. It can brew the perfect amount for your cup, anything in between 6-10 oz. You can manage the brewing process by regulating the control setting for stronger or milder brews.

And, it can brew all varieties of K-Cup pods to perfection in no time at all!

  1. Design and build quality

The k15 does not have a regular water tank for multiple-servings, which makes it immensely light-weight and portable. Nonetheless, the entire unit is highly durable, manufactured using premium grade material. It is resistant to sudden, heavy impacts and chipping, having a lasting finish and some really attractive color options.

The removable drip tray on this unit can accommodate travel mugs up to 5.2″ tall and also holds an entire accidental brew for easy clean-up purposes.

The single-cup water storage ensures that there is no left-over water percolation inside the unit and no potential risk of spillage or electrical issues.

This also means that you get only fresh-water for each cup of coffee every time!

  1. Functionality

One of the things that I like the most about this coffee-machine is that it is highly energy-efficient! Unlike most conventional heavy-duty coffee-makers, it doesn’t pile up the electricity bills on you and thus, gives you the freedom to make frequent use of it.

It features an automatic shut-off that turns off the brewer after each use.

The hot-water option lets you turn that espresso into a delicious Americano within the blink of an eye!

This helped me immensely as I often forget to turn the coffee machine off. It also ensures that there is no spillage after you have removed your cup from the tray.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance

The device is very easy to clean and maintain, given its construction design and portability. You could easily remove the drip tray and clean the machine with a soft cloth. The users’ manual also instructs you to use an unbent paper clip to unclog the top needle.

This ensures a hassle-free cleaning without having to employ a number of steps and a whole lot of cleaning materials for the purpose.

The unit not only protects your counters from accidental spills and stains, but the finish on the device also protects it from getting damaged as well.

  1. Uniqueness

The k15 is one of the most efficient and user-friendly single-serving coffee-machines out there. Operating it is a total breeze and so is traveling with it and maintaining.

Unlike most single-servers which lack in quality and performance, this one does raise the bar with its functionality and swift execution. The energy-saving feature is just one of the winning points out of all of the other for this device.

The device also comes with an extendable warranty period of 3-4 years for a small additional fee.

What didn’t I like about it?

While the Keurig k15 is built to deliver and impress, it does have a few minor glitches like every other thing.

Some of the things that I wasn’t pleased with are:

  • The unit can at times give off ground coffee into the cup. However, this can be managed if you adjust the position of the filter within the coffee-maker.
  • The device doesn’t include any descaling solutions, which you’ll need to do manually. Make sure to use filter water till the process is completely done, otherwise the coffee may taste good.
  • Although the single-cup storage cuts down on the weight of this product, it can at times overflow during the process if you accidentally overfill the unit.
  • It takes a bit of time to make your coffee due to limited water storage.

However, despite the flaws, the k15 does its job quite well than most other single-serving coffee-makers out there. What it lacks in structure, it makes up amply in performance, which is any day valued over design.


All-in-all, the Keurig k15, is one single-serving coffee machine that you can’t possibly go wrong with. It is a fantastic option if you’re looking to have a device that you can use to make your coffee on the go.

Keurig is a well-known and reputed brand of coffee-machines that neither disappoints in performance, nor in quality and design. You can safely rely on the brand for getting the perfect brew whenever you want. And, the Keurig k15 is all the proof you need to trust the company that makes it.

Remember, good things happen over a cup of coffee all the time! Hope you had fun reading our Keurig k15 review.

Till next time!`

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