Best Plastic Free Coffee Maker Reviews: What to Buy in 2019


One of the vital things that I’ve learnt in my life is never to mess with someone who has had bad coffee on a Monday morning.

And this, my friend, has been an issue ever since civilizations had first lifted their pots to perfect the process of making coffee.

Apart from ruining a perfectly good mood, bad brews can also adversely affect your health, from interfering with your sleeping patterns to causing your heart rate to go up.

And, this is precisely why you need a coffee-maker that cuts down on all the tedious manual-work, providing you with nothing but perfection in every sip!

Hey there, I’m Rokas! And owning a little coffee shop of my own has brought me even closer to understanding the power of this beverage!

And today I’ll be telling you all about 5 of the best plastic free coffee maker that you could get right now!

Top 5 All Stainless Steel Coffee makers for the money

1. The Original Bialetti Moka Express

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of taste and texture that feels like aromatic velvet in every sip, welcome the chugging Original Bialetti Moka Express in your life!

It makes approximately 9.2 ounces of Mocha coffee with a little over the standard mug measure in quantity. It takes less than 5 minutes to make your brew on a stovetop to give absolutely delicious coffee!

Why buy this product?

The Moka Express has one of the most versatile designs and layout that you could find in any standard coffee kettle in this price range. With a premium quality polished finish in Bialetti’s patented octagon shape, this coffee maker dispenses not only your favourite mocha but also brilliant espressos under less than 5 minutes.

Since I like my brews as strong as my sheer love for coffee itself, the Moka Express has been just the thing for me when it came to getting those powerful black concoctions.

One of the things that makes this kettle a very reliable product is the patented safety valve that rules out any risk of accidents. It could be efficiently disassembled to clean and is very easy to maintain. However, this product is not dishwasher safe.

Yet, the only thing I think could have been better was its overall finish. This does corrode and can chip under heavy impacts. But, I’ve had a wonderful experience with this product overall.


  • Delivers an even and balanced taste in every cup of mocha or espresso
  • Ensures proper safety
  • Very easy to work up
  • Comes with 2 years warranty


  • Can corrode and chip easily

2. Cuisinart DCC-3200

The DCC-3200 is a wonderful “Programmable Coffeemaker” from the house of Cuisinart. It gives you 14 cups of your favorite beverage without tampering with the flavor and quality of your brew at one go!

Perfect for workplace or commercial use, this Cuisinart beauty is going to be the heart and soul for very friendly gathering and the solution for all office woes!

Why buy this product?

The obvious reason to buy this product would be to get a lot of coffee instantly, before having to refill its tank. Another cool thing about this one is that it delivers on its performance admirably well for the price. Most makers with a lower price range usually flake on quality and performance, but the Cuisinart DCC-3200 beautifully preserves the taste consistently even up to the 14th cup.

But the most incredible part of this unit is that it’s entirely programmable. Even at this price range which comes with full 24-hours programmability, that automatically shuts off the system after a set time! It has a 1-4 cup setting and a brew strength control setting that lets you have your coffee just the way you like it.

A marvelous feature is that it indicates when it’s time to decalcify, thus making its overall cleaning and maintenance process considerably easier!

However, the reservoir can overflow if a pressure imbalance is created in this, causing it to give off coffee grounds in your cup. Avoid filling up the unit to brim even if it says it can capacitate a lot. This will keep it from overflowing or clogging anytime soon.


  • Entirely programmable and highly functional design
  • Auto shut offs save energy
  • Great price range
  • User-friendly approach lets you have 14 perfect cups at one go


  • Can get stuck if you do not clean it frequently.

3. Presto 02811

This coffee-maker kettle from the reputed name and fame of Presto is another popular coffee-creator device in its league that specializes in delivering piping hot, rich-flavored coffee for a total of 12 cups at one go!

Coming at a pretty affordable price range, this coffee-kettle delivers as fabulously in performance, as it does in quality!

Why buy this product?

One of the most admirable things about this all stainless steel coffee maker is that actually gives you a steaming and piping cup. Which is unlike most makers you could crank up to the “warmest” setting that isn’t all that “hot.” It keeps the coffee hot for as long as you’re filling all 12 cups and then cools itself down.

The traditional spout lends a glamorous, vintagy statement to the whole look and especially when you’re actually using it to serve coffee. The fantastic stainless steel construction that includes the filter basket and perk tube as well ensures easy cleaning and unfading beauty.

But the essential element that the all stainless steel, plastic free coffee maker body does guarantee you is an exceedingly durable unit that resists heavy impacts, chipping or corrosion.

However, the loss of features also means that you’d have to make do without temperature controls or other brew options. This won’t turn off automatically or at the press of a button on the unit, which isn’t a good thing for your power usage if you’re using this device frequency.

But overall it’s a really nice and simple way to get good, hot coffee!


  • Provides a traditional, simple and beautiful way of making coffee.
  • Keeps your coffee steaming hot for an extended period of time.
  • Highly durable, shock and chip-resistant construction and finish.


  • No temperature or brew settings or auto shut-offs.

4. Ninja 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker CE201

Few coffee-makers can provide you with the best taste and options to adjust your coffee brews to your liking as smoothly as a hot knife through butter. And that too at a price below $100! And, this is exactly what you the Ninja 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker brings to the table: a Thermal Flavor Extraction for the perfect taste ever, in each of the 12 cups you get of off it!

Why buy this product?

This Ninja coffee-maker comes with a “Custom Brew Technology,” which along with its Thermal Flavor Extraction works to preserve the unadulterated flavor and aroma of coffee in every cup of coffee you get from it.

The brand’s patented XL showerhead ensures complete and even saturation of your coffee grounds for uniform flavor extraction.

The device also comes with a 24-hour programmable delay brew feature that you can use to set a day in advance to save time. The mid-brew pause on the system lets you enjoy a fantastic cup… well, mid-brew!

The precision temp warming plate keeps your coffee piping up to 4 hours without burning it. The auto shut-off feature turns off the machine after 2 hours.

The flavor straw circulates the coffee while brewing to lock a consistent flavor in every cup, and the brew basket lid prevents any coffee ground from entering the reservoir.

The brew setting lets you prepare flavorful classic or rich brews in just a matter of minutes!

Yet, even though you can take the reservoir out for cleaning the unit, the machine itself is pretty cumbersome and heavy to move around.

But overall this is simply a marvelous coffee-maker that can work ideally for both domestic and commercial purposes without crumbling under pressure!


  • Designed to provide a uniform, consistent flavor and texture in every cup
  • The auto-shut-off feature makes it energy-efficient
  • Keeps your coffee hot up to 4 hours
  • Brew settings let you personalize your own flavors


  • Cumbersome to move around

5. Homia Kafo Coffee Maker Machine Single Serve

And the last one on our list of the best coffee makers is a brilliant single-serve device from Homia Kafo, which creates delicious super hot coffee at just a push of the button!

This is because it contains a powerful 1000W heater that maintains the richness of coffee while taking it to a whopping 195-degree Fahrenheit in less than 3 minutes!

Why buy the product?

This all stainless steel coffee maker efficiently fits any standard K-cup and also includes 3 reusable k-cup compatible capsules. Moreover, this device is made using BPA-free plastic and is approved by the FDA, which makes it entirely safe kitchen purposes.

It is very easy to use, having a one-button operation and an automatic shut-off containing a concealed needle. This cuts down on your electricity bills considerably, suiting frequent coffee needs remarkably well.

One of the coolest things about this machine is that it cleans itself without requiring you to make any hassles about it!  All you have to do is use 12 tbs of water and 3 tbs of household scale-remover (or use citric acid at a 3% ratio), pour into the system and hit the power button to descale the unit. After that, pour pure water in it and press power again to start the rinsing process until the light turns off.

And one of the winning points of this product for me was its cool travel-friendly size and its lightweight design, which makes it considerably portable to move around!

The only issue, in my opinion, with this one is that the filters in it may be a bit larger for milling coffee I noticed fine particles in the cup which may be greater in especially thicker brews.


  • One-touch button operation system with 1000W makes super-hot coffee
  • Compact, travel-friendly and portable design
  • Includes auto shut-off feature
  • FDA approved


  • Filters could have been better

Buyers’ Guide for Picking the Best Coffee Maker

And, for your convenience, I also include a buyers’ guide that will make you understand what kind of coffee makers will suit your need the best.

1. Quantity

Since you could get anything from single servers to makers serving up to 14 cups, choosing a coffee machine would solely depend on how much coffee you need at a set time.

While single servers could provide you with only one cup of coffee at a time, others like the drip-coffee makers or dual-design coffee makers could deliver anything between 12-14 cups before needing a refill!

Also, grind-and-brew makers include an inbuilt grinder that grinds and brews your coffee within the system, giving you a taste of aromatic heaven in every cup.

However, all of this will depend on your budget as more complex features will cost more than basic makers.

2. Grounds, pods, or capsules?

While pods and capsules are more convenient options, grounds are loved for their economic and versatile purpose. However, not all makers will work well with grounds, and some may not work with pods or capsules.

Certain models let you use either pods or grounds, but you’ll need to buy an extra reusable filter cup if you use grounds. Thoroughly check product details before you decide on one.

3. Additional features

Since you could get as many features you want if you have the kind of money for it, getting a hi-tech device is no big deal, with numerous options available out there.

However, do notice if you’re paying for reasonable attributes than paying for just unnecessary things that would do little for your coffee experience.

While an energy efficient system or a brew setting is always a good idea, cluttered features that claim to do more but do nothing in practice would just kill off its ease of usability.

However, do check out the specs and reviews of anything before you make a decision and always buy from authentic dealers no matter where you buy from.

In this way, all you’ll end up with amazing coffee at the end of the day without any regret to ruin its taste!

4. Size and cleaning

While it’s always advisable to go for heavy-duty, proper coffee-makers for getting good coffee, you should always look for something that’s at least easy to move around for cleaning purposes. Get something compact if you don’t have enough counter space or travel frequently.

For this matter, always check out the dimensions of the product before buying it. However, avoid compromising on the durability of the product at the same time.

Also, your all stainless steel coffee maker should be easy to disassemble and descale thoroughly; otherwise it would severely impair the taste of the coffee or even contaminate it with harmful bacteria.


So this was all about my take on some of the best coffee makers that come at equally incredible price tags.! I hope this was a useful read to you. But before you go, spend some time reading about our pick of the best coffee roasters HERE.

And remember: coffee makes things perfect!

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