What are coffee grinders? How to use them?


A mind freshening cup of coffee!

A cup of coffee is an important beverage for people all around the world. For some people, the day does not begin without a ‘mind activating’ sip of coffee, but have you wondered how coffee is actually made? If you are one of those coffee lovers who buy the ready-made, grounded coffee from any grocery store, then you are missing out on a lot. Yes, grounded coffee is an easy and less time-consuming way of making your coffee but, if you want to brew the best cup of coffee for yourself and your loved ones then you need to acquaint yourself to the life changing ‘coffee grinders’.

What are coffee grinders?

Most people are used to buying grounded bottle coffee or sachet which is normally known as instant coffee. However, it is a shortcut to your cup of coffee and the real taste of coffee comes only when you grind the coffee beans yourself. The grinding of coffee beans affects the flavor of the coffee as it depends on the extraction of oil the coffee beans contain. Different grinders and methods of brewing makes coffee with variable flavors and consistency with just one type of coffee beans. Therefore, it is very important to choose your grinder wisely.
There is a vast array of the types of coffee grinders available, but the main classification is between automatic and manual grinders. Automatic grinders are a quick and easy for you to grind coffee, but they still lack the richness and aroma which manual grinding would provide. It would not take much to devote some of your morning to brewing a truly magical cup of coffee.

How to use a coffee grinder?

Coffee grinding methods differ with the type of grinder you are using. Here is the list of coffee grinders with their respective coffee textures they make.
1. French Press: makes very chunky coffee.
2. Pour Over: medium coarse coffee.
3. Drip coffee: Coarse to medium coffee.
4. Siphon: Medium like kosher salt
5. Espresso: very fine coffee like table salt.
The best coffee maker that grinds beans is the manual one because it gives the best taste and texture. For more information about coffee grinders, you should first select the texture of the coffee you mostly prefer and then choose the grinder accordingly. The grinders you choose have a great impact on the coffee so it is recommended to first have an idea of what you like.

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