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With the spread of coffee culture, many know that the taste and aroma of coffee depends on the country of origin, climate, soil, processing methods and roasting. Now we will get acquainted with the subtleties of coffee preparation, which determine whether coffee tasting will be just a daily habit, or tasting, cognitive trip. Do you know how much coffee you want depends on the grinding of the coffee, its contact with water during the preparation of the temperature and the temperature of the water? It is unlikely that even a difference of several degrees of water temperature will determine whether the same kind of coffee will be carded, acidic or prepared properly will reveal the real coffee aroma created on the processing path.

Coffee roasting

Processed coffee from plantations to other parts of the world is exported without roasting. This is due to the fact that when the coffee is roasted, the clock begins to refresh, how long it will retain its freshness and good aroma, and because each roaster will decide for himself how long the coffee needs to be roasted in order to reveal the desired coffee properties.

Toast is usually light, medium, strong and very strong. Supporters of very strong roasting often try to overcome the defects of cheaper coffee bought. As with other products that have been thawed, the whole-toothed bean will be close to the aroma of burns, but will disguise even worse features of the aroma. It is worth mentioning that in the European coffee lovers’ tasting discussions that beans are not worth roasting, the Italians defend the honor of the roasted coffee because it seems to them the most. It is a matter of taste and, as we know, is not disputable for taste.

Espresso is the basis for all coffee

Espresso is the basis for all quality coffee. This coffee reveals the best aroma characteristics. After preparing a cup of espresso, black coffee, cappuccino and latte can be made from it.

When preparing espresso coffee, you need to balance the coffee, contact with the water, and set the right temperature. All of these factors will determine whether the coffee will reveal its natural flavor, which is coded in the coffee processing path, or will be suppressed by making mistakes. Coffee grinding is necessary for fine grinding. The best coffee grinder must be neat and well insulated, because otherwise, the quality of the heat generated by the process and the longer coffee contact.

Coffee should be flushed at 92 degrees. If the water is colder, the coffee will get bitterness if the hotter coffee is sour. Only when you hit the optimum scouring medium, the real aroma will emerge in the coffee.

How do I see if everything is done well when preparing espresso coffee? When a well-prepared coffee is made, it is clear that the thick, fresh and warm coffee of the honey is running out. If we look at the good preparation of espresso in a transparent cup of coffee, we can see that, during the drink, the caramel-colored foam, which, after finishing the coffee, is layered on the coffee and its surface covering foam, is first seen. We can also check in another way. In the prepared cup, you can see only two colors: coffee and dark brown with a red tint, moving in places to the golden color of the foam. If there is another shade in the coffee foam, there is an error in the preparation process.

Myth of Espresso Coffee

We want to break down the well-established myth that caffeine in espresso is more than black. The amount of caffeine in coffee depends on the amount of water that comes into contact with the coffee you are preparing. If the quantity is higher, the coffee will be more saturated with caffeine. If less water comes in contact with coffee – caffeine will be much less. So, due to the high amount of water that interacts with the coffee preparation, we find a lot more caffeine in the black coffee cup.

When the espresso is recovered, the energy surge that comes with it is due to the fact that this coffee is enriched with large amounts of minerals, which, in the event of rapid ingestion, the latter experiences a mini shock from their excess. Coffee experts even joke that almost all known minerals can be found in an espresso cup. That is why heart work is accelerated, energy surges occur and other signs are observed, often mixed with caffeine overdose.

Americano coffee

Black coffee due to improper preparation has not only high caffeine content but also poor taste and aroma. Black coffee lovers also have good knowledge. This coffee can be prepared in American style, ie. y. Instead of standardizing a large amount of coffee immediately, you can prepare an espresso cup (or several of them) and pour the desired amount of hot water. In this way, coffee does not lose its taste and aroma and can be enjoyed at a higher level.


Cappuccino coffee is also based on espresso, but this drink is crowned with milk foam. The traditional cappuccino coffee, which is properly prepared, retains 1/3 espresso and 2/3 milk foam.

Here’s how to distinguish whether cappuccino coffee is prepared properly. The Cappuccino Coffee Horse is a properly shaken milk foam. Preparation is mainly influenced by temperature. If it is too big during the beating, the taste of coffee will suffer. If the foam is prepared properly, it will be “lively” and bright. When milk is overheated, the foam loses its consistency and sweetness.

The easiest way to check if a drink is prepared professionally is to use the cappuccino cup with a spoon to try to remove the milk foam to see the coffee surface. If that doesn’t work, the drink is prepared properly. Professionally shaken milk froth is sweet, and if you like to drink coffee with sugar, it will give you the right amount of sweetness.


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