What Coffee Drinks Can you Make?


All over the world, if there’s one thing that all people love, it’s coffee. Some people like to have simple coffee while others like a mix of milk, foam, and coffee in different ratios.

Why people love coffee so much? It helps in making you feel better and fresh. Whether it is starting a conversation or enjoying your day at office, coffee gives you a kick start. Since you already know many facts about coffee – including why it’s advisable to drink coffee with water and the whole true about coffee that you didn’t know about, as coffee lover, you would love to know different types of coffee drinks so, read on!


Espresso, also known as short black, originated in Italy. It is the most popular type of coffee drink. Since 1950s, espresso has taken over all the other coffee drinks greatly. It is usually made by brewing coffee beans.

What makes to prepare espresso is coffee beans/powder, granulated sugar, milk, and water. It takes one tablespoon of coffee in a tablespoon of water. Afterwards, you can add milk till the color changes. Add sugar to taste.


This coffee originated in Italy. The word ‘macchiato’ means spotted. Macchiato comes in two different forms: short macchiato and long macchiato.

Short macchiato has a single shot of espresso while long macchiato comes with two shots of espresso. Macchiato is similar to espresso with one added ingredient i.e. steamed milk.

You can make macchiato by adding steamed milk to espresso in a ratio of 4:1. Using an espresso maker, you can make a lot of macchiato in a perfect taste.

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „coffee drinks“Cappuccino

Cappuccino also originated in Italy. The word ‘cappuccino’ means hood. Since mid-1990s, cappuccino became really popular. After espresso, cappuccino is the most loved type of coffee.

What makes cappuccino unique is its velvety texture due to the thick foam of the mixture. The texture and temperature of milk in the mixture are two important elements in making cappuccino.

To make cappuccino, you can add ½ cup of espresso in ½ cup of steamed milk and top it with a good enough milk foam.


Like all the other major types of coffee drinks, Mocha originated in Italy as well. That’s why Italy is known to be the hub of coffee.

Mocha is also known as hot chocolate. Based on espresso, you add hot milk and chocolate to make mocha. Some people like to use cocoa powder while other go with white chocolate.

To make mocha, add ¼ cup of espresso in ¼ cup of chocolate syrup. Add 2/3 of steamed milk. Mix and serve!

Café Au Lait (Latte)

Latte is one of the best coffees around the globe. It originated in France. Latte is a simple coffee. It simply consists of coffee and hot milk. You can easily make it at home even if you do not have a coffee maker.

Latte is the most popular drink at breakfast tables in U.S. Around 65% of people love to have a latte at breakfast. It keeps you energized and refreshed for the rest of the day.

Coming with only two ingredients, it is very easy to prepare. Add ½ cup of espresso in ½ cup of steamed/scalded milk and your Café Au Lait is ready.

Many people like to use dark coffee to prepare latte.


Mazagran is known to originate in Algeria during the famous Algerian war of 1840s. During the war, it helped soldiers from preventing the risks of cardiovascular diseases and memory loss. Since then, its use has spread all over the world.

When it comes to cold coffee, Mazagran is one of the best. It is prepared by adding coffee and lemon juice in a glass. Then, you can pour it over ice. Some people like to add rum to it as well. Also, add sugar to taste.


Eiscaffe is another cold coffee, originated in Germany. It is one of the tastiest coffees. It is usually the mixture of ice-cream and coffee. However, different people have different ways of preparing this cold coffee.

Two cups of Eiscaffe in one day can help you improve blood flow and prevent dizziness. It helps with mental alertness and can extend your life.

You can prepare Eiscaffe by taking three scoops of ice-cream and pouring hot brewed coffee over it. Put whipped cream on top as the final touch.

Irish coffee

As the name suggests, Irish coffee was found in Ireland in 1942. It is one of its kind. Coming with whiskey, it is one of the unique types of coffee drinks.

Irish coffee is also known as cocktail coffee. It consists of Irish whiskey, sugar, cream, and hot coffee. Interestingly, National Irish Coffee Day is celebrated on 25th of January in Ireland.

In order to make Irish coffee, add Irish whiskey, ½ cup of brewed coffee, and top it up with whipped cream. Ready to serve!

Turkish coffee

As the name shows, Turkish coffee originated in Turkey. Also known as Bosnian coffee, it is an important part of daily lives of Turks. Turkish coffee is not filtered.

The ingredients you need for Turkish coffee include coffee powder, cardamom powder, sugar, and boiled water.

In a boiled cup of water, add a tablespoon of coffee powder and 1/8 teaspoon of cardamom. Turn on the heat again to allow the foam to come at the top. Then pour it in the cup and it is ready to serve.


Americano came to the scene in 1970s in Latin America. Like Macchiato, Americano is also derived from espresso. In a single or double shot of espresso, add water to make Americano.

While espresso comes in almost equal ratio of espresso coffee, water and milk, Americano is mostly water.

Americano was developed in US during Second World War to fulfill the needs of French coffee. Afterwards, it started to be used regularly in Latin America.

To make Americano, add ¼ cup of espresso to ½ cup of water, and serve! That’s how simple it is.

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