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The aroma of coffee poses the most wonderful associations, awakens in the morning, warms the spiteful autumn evening, becomes the most natural connection when communicating during a business or romantic …

How to choose quality coffee? How to cope with different types of coffee? When and how much coffee to drink? What to offer a delicious, classic or fashionable coffee?

How to choose coffee in the shop

When choosing coffee, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date of the coffee and the packaging itself. The ventilation opening in the package extends the life of the coffee to one and a half years. Maltese coffee stored in a vacuum pack has the same shelf life of one and a half years.

High quality fresh coffee beans should shine as they retain essential oils. Quality coffee beans must be unbroken. Do you know that flavors often hide the poor quality of coffee beans? Therefore, be careful with coffee with additives.

Grinding beans is necessary during coffee preparation.

What coffee roasting techniques do

Roasted coffee is made from one name coffee bean. They are roasted at about 200 ° C for a few minutes until the coffee darkens, the aroma of the coffee arises, the beans lose their water, the sugar caramels, and the tanning substances change.

There are a variety of coffee roasting methods, all of which influence the taste of coffee.

* Easy toasting. Only applicable to Arabic coffee types. This is the main highlight of the specific taste of coffee.

* Average roasting. Medium roasted coffee beans can be found in their dark color and natural oily shine. This gives the roasted coffee a unique aroma, and the taste becomes pleasantly bitter.

* Strong roasting. Strongly roasted beans will be dark gray and flavor will be times. Strongly roasted beans are most suitable for preparing espresso coffee.

Types and quality of coffee

The quality of the coffee depends on the variety of coffee and the place where the coffee was matured. The higher the level of coffee grown at sea, the better its quality.

Ground coffee is made from at least two different names, making it very different in taste. And coffee with additives is ground coffee, to which chicory, malt, dried figs and various spices can be added.

Arabica is the best coffee grown on mountain slopes where there is a lot of rainfall. She is an absolute leader in the international coffee family. The elongated arabic beans are great for flavor and aroma.

Robusta. These coffee trees are grown in lower places, they grow fast, resistant to disease and more fertile. Robust taste is simpler, so it is mixed with other types of coffee beans. This type of coffee is also used for the production of soluble coffee.

Liberia. The least common type of coffee tree. Liberic beans are used to make coffee drinks and instant coffee. Coffee has a rather poor taste.

Instant coffee with taste and aroma can not match with real coffee. It is made from a medium or low quality blend of beans. Coffee preparation is prepared and water is separated by evaporation. The cheapest soluble coffee types are produced by spray-drying and are in powder form. A higher quality soluble coffee is obtained by drying frozen coffee pieces. This produces granulated coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee. The best quality beans have less caffeine. More caffeine is robust in beans. This coffee is bean, ground and soluble. Caffeine is removed from green beans using organic solvents and vapors. Such beans do not lose their taste and aroma, but they contain no more than 0.2% caffeine.

Coffee Drinks. A beverage similar to coffee can be made from chicory roots and other vegetable raw materials. The chicory roots are dried, roasted to dark brown and milled. Roasting produces aromatic oils that resemble coffee oil. Still, coffee drinks are made from barley, oats, rye, oak deep, chestnut, rosehip, nut, stone kernel, carrot, dandelion root and so on. When roasting the raw material, aromatic and flavoring substances are produced, slightly resembling coffee. The roasted, ground and sifted raw material is mixed according to various recipes.

In order to make any kind of coffee mentioned above, you would definitely need a coffee maker which would suit your needs.

Did you know …

* Coffee beans and ground coffee should be stored in a refrigerator in a hermetically sealed container. Beans can be stored in the freezer all year round.

* In the vacuum package, the coffee remains fresh until it is opened. The coffee from the package should be poured into a sealed container and consumed within two weeks.

* Coffee has come from Ethiopia.

* Only coffee berries were first eaten. Then the delicacy was invented: the berries were chopped, mixed with animal fat and marbles were formed. Later the berries were used to make infusions. And only one or two seeds in the berries were later called coffee beans …

* Scientists have found that a conventional cup of coffee contains more antioxidants than a glass of grape, blueberry, orange or raspberry juice.

* Cavamore is an evergreen tree growing in tropical and subtropical bands with a height of up to 7 meters. The fruit of the coffee tree looks like a cherry externally. It is red in color, covered with a hard shell that hides a juicy, sugary fruit.

* Popular coffee drink resembles another time of discrimination against women. At first, they had no right to enter the Coffee House, only men were elected.

* According to the Arab coffee tradition, only men were able to produce coffee. And when the family was dissolved, the man had the right to prohibit the woman to drink this drink in general.

* Drinking milk and sugar coffee have no calories.

* Hot coffee increases the effect of alcohol.

* Anxiety, headache, or sexual dysfunction can only be caused by old, strangled, poor quality coffee.

* There is strong evidence that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Several studies have shown that people who drink coffee regularly suffer from this disease less often.

Do you need coffee delicacies?

According to the researchers, if you drink a lot of coffee a day, it is advised to drink it with sweets or some other calorie products, because they will strengthen the good qualities of coffee and weaken the bad ones. Maybe that is why coffee beans are often served at cafes, and coffee gourmet delights with whipped cream, bitter chocolate chips.

A piece of cake, a chocolate tile, a slice of brandy and a slice of savory cheese are suitable for coffee. Lovers of coffee drink lemon or pepper to experiment. And if you want to try out a special taste, combine pleasure, satiety and gourmet curiosity, try Magija Premium curd cheese curds at the coffee. Especially worth seeing is this season’s news – Magija Premium with egg liqueur filling. This product is designed specifically for you, coffee lovers!

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