Find out why it is advisable to drink coffee with water


This beautiful tradition, known since ancient times, has practical benefits: it is indeed recommended to drink coffee with water – and not just to make it more tasty.

Sipping water one time – good, and two – even better

Espresso, American, Cappuccino, Coffee With Milk – There are many drinks made using well roasted coffee beans. However, with regard to the effects on the human nervous system, the difference is only between coffee drinks made from natural coffee beans and sublimated soluble coffee.

This is because the coffee bean structure is not even. Its outer shell has a well-known alkalizing alkaloid caffeine, which has a pronounced tonic effect. There is another alkaloid – theobromine in the inner part of the bean.

For the production of soluble coffee, only the internal part of the beans is used and the outer part is separated and used for the production of medical devices or energy drinks. However, if you are talking about coffee beans, you should remember that they contain two alkaloids at once.

Reverse process

When you drink coffee, these two alkaloids get into our body at the same time, but start to act in turn. Initially, caffeine is triggered – it is what gives invigoration. But after about 25 minutes, the theobromin enters the scene.

Here’s how it works: caffeine has the ability to narrow the blood vessels of all organs other than the kidneys. And in the kidneys, after some espresso coffee sips, they are inversely expanding. The result is increased pressure and urge to urinate (the latter is associated with an improvement in kidney blood flow).

But just half an hour later, a person feels sleepy, and most also feel a very uncomfortable stretch in the kidney. Thus, theobromine started to work: the pressure of all organs increased and the kidneys decreased. To avoid kidney problems, it is worth taking a sip of water with each sip of coffee.

Thirty-kilometer effect

Everything is even more interesting with soluble coffee. Because it is made from the inner part of the beans, where the amount of caffeine does not exceed 10 percent and theobromine is quite high, the effect of this coffee is slightly different from that of ordinary coffee.

Specifically, the invigorating phase is not as well expressed, and some do not feel at all, but this drink causes drowsiness. So if somebody from a acquaintance complains about a paradoxical reaction to coffee when they want to not jump and run but drink, they probably drink sublimated coffee.

Long-haul drivers, who often buy metal cups with ready-to-use coffee drinks in petrol stations, have even thought of the term “thirty-kilometer effect” for their production.

This means the following: about 20 minutes after taking such a drink, t. y. After about thirty kilometers, the driver usually feels sleepy and this effect can last for about an hour. This is the same phase of theobromine when you want to kill.

So, drinking soluble coffee would not want to sleep, and it is also better to drink it with plain water. And even better, use strong black tea to boost your appetite: there is less caffeine and no theobromine at all.

Additional reasons

For good coffee lovers, we have other reasons to drink it with water.

  • Delicious as first time. If you drink just a sip of coffee after the sip, the second sip will not be as tasty as the first one. And clean water will wash your taste receptors so you can enjoy coffee with every sip.
  • Normal pressure. For those who are afraid to drink coffee because of the increased pressure, ordinary water will make a difference – reducing the effect of caffeine, so if you drink coffee, your heart will not break as crazy.
  • White teeth. Coffee contains a pigment that dyes the tooth enamel. But if you swallow every little bit of water, the pigment will not get absorbed and the teeth will stay white.

If you are curious for more, you can always check our article about benefits of drinking coffee.

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