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Almost everyone living and breathing has tasted coffee or has heard about it. It is the most common beverage that people around the world use every day – so much so that they consume 400 billion of coffee each year.

On average, an American drinks around 3 cups of coffee every day and spends around $1097 on it each year. If you are looking for such facts and many more then continue to read the article below. We have exciting and never heard before facts about coffee that will have you pause your life and think about your everyday beverage.

The Origin Story

In the 800 A.D, herders from Ethiopia observed that their goats exhibit a peculiar behavior after eating fruits from a tree. They said that their goats started to dance after eating those fruits.

Later, a monk decided to test out the claims of these herders by making wine from these berries. He noted that he was able to stay awake at night after drinking this wine.

That’s how the first cup of coffee came to be.

Coffee Beans or Cherries?
Coffee beans are not the seeds of the coffee plant but are fruits that it bears. These beans look a lot like cherries, but the misnomer has blanketed its real appearance.

Highest Coffee Production
Brazil has the maximum coffee production rate and it controls 75% of the world’s coffee supply. These facts are reported by the International Coffee Organization.

Another important fact is that in 1932 Brazil was struggling with its finances and was unable to afford to send its athletes to the Olympics, so they used the profit of their coffee trade to do so.

Coffee can cost a lot!
Palm Civet an animal that is native to Asia eats coffee fruits but struggles to digest their seeds. That is why the seeds are excreted out and can be found in its wastes. These seeds are then ground and roasted to produce some of the world’s most expensive coffee.

After the beans are roasted, remember, that the beans are usually grinded. We also have some coffee grinders review here.

Dangerous for your Health
Doctors say that if you drink 3 cups of coffee in a short period that it can pose a danger to your health. The effects of excessive consumption of coffee are equal to that of overdosing on any drugs.

Country of Coffee lovers

Statistics say that an average Finn (a native of Finland) consumes about 27.5 pounds of coffee per year. These numbers are higher than an average American’s coffee by almost two times.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Moderate consumption of coffee can improve your health as it treats heart-related diseases and other mental diseases. This means that a person who drinks coffee can scientifically live more than the person who doesn’t drink coffee.

Decaf, a misnomer?

Many might think that a cup of decaf means that it will not have caffeine in it but that is not the case. Decaf coffee still has small quantities of caffeine in it reaching up to twelve milligrams in quantity. This figure is lower than most caffeinated drinks, but it still isn’t void of caffeine.

Coffee or wine?

The word coffee has its roots in Arabic where it was originally used for the word wine. As time passed and the word traveled from one place to another, finally reaching the Netherlands and then English.

A natural Scrub

After you are done grinding your coffee, you don’t have to throw away the grounded wastes. You can use it on your face as a natural scrub to remove dead skins and cells from your skin.

Recycling of coffee beans

Beans that are used to make decaf coffee can be easily recycled. Pharmaceuticals companies and soft drink companies use these used beans in their products.

The history of instant coffee

Many people think that instant coffee is an innovation of recent days but that is not true. The initial face of instant coffee appeared in England in the year, 1771.

But at that time, there was no mass production to make this an everyday product. Finally, in 1910, it was trademarked in the U.S. and it soon became available for mass consumption.

The peculiar case of Beethoven

Beethoven was a coffee lover, but he didn’t just drink any coffee. He tasked whoever was serving him to make his coffee with precisely 60 beans.

Coffee beans are real!

Over the years, coffee has been considered dangerous or addictive on too many occasions. Some thought that coffee was the cause of radical and satanic thinking hence should be banned.

Italy in 16th century is guilty of posing such bans with this reasoning. In Italy, that pope in that time was a coffee lover, so he opposed this ban and immediately baptized coffee in retaliation.

Sweden took the banning sentiments one step further when they banned not only coffee, but the utensils used to drink and make it.

Coffee beans must also be roasted, you can read more about coffee roasting machines here.

Extend your Cat’s Life

This conclusion was drawn from the two examples. Two cats who registered successively as the oldest cats ever that world has ever seen, both had coffee in their diet. Coincidence? We think not.

Expansion of Starbucks!

Whenever you hear of coffee, Starbucks is an accompanying name that will eventually come up in your conversation. According to reports, Starbucks is expanding globally, and it opens two of its shops almost every day.

More than a drink

Some types of coffees and venti can rival heavy foods in calorie intake. A special in the Starbucks menu contains around 699 calories.

The invention of Webcam

One of the most useful camera tools, the webcam, was invented to make sure the coffee pot never ran out of coffee. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Being served as a beer

The monk’s original approach was duplicated because before coffee was used as a beverage to keep you active and awake, it was used as a kind of beer in bars. Now the Arabic name for coffee makes a bit more sense!

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