Coffee – It’s the Best Invention! Find out why!


Coffee can help to wake up in the morning, regain strength on weekdays, even win sports, as Seren Williams did during a coffee break after drinking a cup of coffee. Of course, maybe we’re a little exaggerating, but many don’t have a day without coffee. Get to know the most interesting facts about this wonderful aroma and tasty drink.


Legend has it that in the nineteenth century, a shepherd of Ethiopian goats discovered coffee at all by noticing how coffee beans are running in goats – they become unstable.

Origin of the Word

The word “coffee” appeared in English in 1582. From the Dutch word “koffie”, which was “borrowed” from the word “kahve” used in Turkey, this Arabic word “qahwa” is an abbreviation for the Arabic word “qahhwat al-bun”, which means “wine from beans”.

Coffee inspired even the great composer J. Bach …

He created a musical piece called “cantata of coffee”, a name that meant “to hide, not to be surprised” and was about a woman who adored coffee.

World and coffee

In Europe and North America, coffee consumes a third of the average drinking water. But if we would take a look to America, coffee is the most frequently imported product and the second most important product.

A little number

In the UK, 70 million people drink daily. coffee cups. Espresso coffee requires as much as 42 coffee beans, and in Italy coffee is just a must for every day, so the price is regulated by the government.

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