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Coffee ranks as the number one morning drink in most households, and it’s not hard to know why it tops the chart. Coffee can help wake you up in the morning or during a sluggish afternoon, it has many health benefits and it comes in a lot of delicious tasting flavours.

You can buy coffee in specialty shops or in the grocery store or online. You can buy it as whole bean coffee to grind up yourself or you can purchase beans already ground for you, if you find that more convenient.

Choosing where and what to buy when it comes to your coffee is only the tip of the iceberg. To know how to get the best cup of coffee, you have to know the steps of brewing the coffee the right way.

There is an art to the way coffee should be made. Always start out by making your coffee in a machine that’s free of any residue or after-effects of cleaning. That includes running a single pot of pure water through a new coffeemaker, since you may sometimes get a plastic taste during the initial cycle. Do not also forget that coffee beans must be freshly grinded, so it’s always a good choice to have your own best coffee grinder. Another step to remember is that before grinding coffee beans, you must ensure that the beans are roasted well enough. That’s why we also recommend to try out the best coffee roasters.

So to begin with, you’ll want to take a look at the appliance you’re using to make your coffee. After you’ve made sure the machine is ready to use, check for efficiency and brew style.

You might not have the best coffeemaker for the job, so let’s start by examining the machines used to make coffee to see if you’re using the one you need for the coffee you like.

Types of Coffee makers:

Drip coffeemaker

Drip coffee maker

One of the most common appliances is the drip coffeemaker. These are fairly simple machines and easy to use, but you can find them with a great deal of features. You can find models that let you pause the brew, that signal when the coffee is made and ones that let you know when it’s time to clean the coffeemaker.

The drip coffeemakers are huge sellers because they’re usually the most cost effective to own and they come in a variety of cup sizes. Most of them have standard carafes, though a few special ones have thermal carafes or no carafe at all if you buy the coffeemakers that hold the coffee in the holding tank.

Single cup coffee maker

Single cup coffee maker

Next on the list is the single cup coffeemaker. These are sometimes referred to as personal coffeemakers and offer users a lot of convenience in size and economy, since most of them cost less than $20 to purchase.

These machines come with mugs that the coffee drips into and you simply take the mug with you. A plus for these appliances, besides the low cost – is that there are usually no filters to buy and the mug is easier to clean than a carafe.

If you grew up in the ‘50s & 60’s, then you might remember the old fashioned percolators that plugged into an outlet. These are stainless steel coffeemakers with the filter basket contained in the percolator. You simply fill the filter with coffee and plug it in to brew. These are extremely durable machines.

Espresso coffeemaker

Espresso coffee machine

Next up are espresso machines and these are very popular machines that you’ll find gracing the counter in many homes. Learning how to make espresso at home takes some practice because it’s a specialty technique. The espresso machines brew coffee that’s very strong and are called “shots” because they’re loaded with more caffeine.

You can get espresso machines that range in size and price so you would want to do some comparison shopping if you’re looking to purchase one. Some of the espresso machines you get can make more than one cup of espresso at a time, but if you like your espresso the way the barista makes it, you won’t like the machine that makes multiple servings at once.

You can get the self-priming ones that make dual cups and give you the right temperature and pressure – and those espresso makers are great choices.

If you prefer things that are easier to use, but still want espresso, you can use a machine that’s becoming popular in the United States – and that’s the stovetop espresso machine. These make great espresso shots, they’re convenient, affordable and easy to clean.

French press coffee maker

French press coffee maker

Finally, there’s the French Press coffeemaker to consider. Unlike standard drip coffeemakers, which separate grounds and water, a French Press makes coffee by mingling the two together. The only thing to consider is that in order to use this machine, you will need to have a coffee roaster to roast your beans and a coffee grinder to grind them.

These don’t use a filter at all. The press works by using a plunger to press the coffee grounds to the bottom of the press when you’re ready for a cup of coffee. One drawback to a French Press is that since the ingredients are mixed together, you can get a more bitter tasting brew.

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