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Coffee has been put on the wave for some time, it is thrown into the abyss. This is useful, it is detrimental to our health. Here are 15 interesting things about this controversial drink.

The facts about coffee

  1. It is estimated that Americans drink almost a third of the world’s coffee cups a day. That’s about 400,000,000 cups a day.
  1. Are you interested in the most expensive coffee types? The most expensive coffee in the world is Kopi Luwak. Its price is over 1000 litas per kilogram. Only half a ton of this coffee is produced a year. The most interesting thing is that this unique coffee is made from coffee beans, which are treated by the intestines of small animals – palm trees. Orally, the rich goddess of coffee is made of … from excrement. Indonesian people are looking for palm mushroom faeces, and uncooked coffee beans found in them are thoroughly washed and sold at a fair price.
  1. Coffee is the second most popular product in the world after oil.
  1. The first café in the world was opened in 1683 in Venice.
  1. The first coffee pack was sold in 1900: Hills Brothers Coffee launched a new packing era.
  1. Every second American buys more than 5,000 cups of coffee a year.
  1. Natural coffee has 0 kilocalories.
  1. If you drink 2 to 5 cups of coffee a day, chances of letting your heart slip up to 60 percent. Those who drink more than 6 cups of coffee a day increase the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease by up to 120 percent.
  1. Soluble coffee has twice as much caffeine.
  1. For drinks that contain caffeine, the skin dries, it gets older.
  1. Caffeine comes into our brain for half an hour after drinking, and it works for about 6 hours.
  1. One cup of coffee, like one cigarette, can increase blood pressure.
  1. Caffeine reduces the ability to overcome stressful situations.
  1. The least dangerous way to prepare coffee is not simply to pour it with boiling water. Turkish coffee, when converted, is the best.
  1. Paradox: Caffeine without coffee actually contains caffeine. True, just 6 mg. For comparison, the traditional cup of coffee contains 65 to 135 mg of caffeine.


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